Polls are a wake-up call for PASOK

Recent opinion polls show that a significant proportion of voters have distanced themselves from the ruling New Democracy party. But the opposition PASOK party is not benefiting from this shift because the Socialists are being judged just as harshly by the public. The major difference is that the government is being judged on its actions (irrespective of mistakes, irregularities and delays) while PASOK is being rated according to its viability as a convincing alternative administration, prepared to assume power at any moment. And PASOK’s performance in this area has been anything but convincing. If it is crucial for the current government to prove its achievements as it approaches its second anniversary in power, then it is just as important for its main political rival to do the same. But PASOK does not seem to be capable of establishing a firm footing. It projects the image of a party concerned with internal spats and problems and unable to adopt a decisive stance on crucial issues. PASOK’s cadres should finally realize that the role of a major political party is not to wait around for the «right time» to attempt to reassume power. If they look more closely at the conclusions of recent polls, with which they claim to be satisfied, they will realize that their current approach will only ensure ND’s victory – albeit with less ease – at the next general elections.