December 21, 1955

PARLIAMENT ON VANDALISM: From the debate on the Turkish attacks on Greeks in Constantinople and Izmir on September 6, 1955: CONSTANTINE MITSOTAKIS: Mr Mitsotakis (in the opposition) has asked the government of Constantine Karamanlis to state whether it was avoiding the issue, as the people are in an uproar. GEORGE PAPANDREOU: Mr Papandreou (also in opposition) said that government policy (both that of Karamanlis and his predecessor Alexandros Papagos) regarding the events was not worthy of Greece. During the tripartite meeting in London, when the acts of vandalism became known, there was no reaction worthy of the country. SPYROS THEOTOKIS: Foreign Minister Theotokis said: «I have received the impression that in a way the Turkish outburst of violence against the Greek community was indeed premeditated. I do not know to what extent the Turkish government is responsible. (…) From the outset, the present government made it clear to Turkey that Greek-Turkish relations have been shaken to their foundations and that it was not possible to restore them if the Turkish nation (…) did not feel the need to fully compensate, morally and materially, for the events.