The dangers of social indifference

Our indifference to everything and everyone is a negative by-product of democracy, «collateral damage» in the daily struggle for social success. Our apathy in the face of corrupt clerics, judges, politicians, self-appointed television prosecutors and ruthless businessmen is the most dangerous evidence of society’s unraveling. Interested only in our own prosperity, possessed by self-interest, we, the proud, compassionate, sensitive and enthusiastic Greeks of yore, have transformed into an indifferent, passive mass which is impervious to political passion and moral ideals, which has no great ambitions and which is ready to sacrifice everything to consolidate its material security. It is not that we fail to follow and discuss developments or that we aren’t given to idle philosophizing. We are fully aware of the existence of abuses of power, shady transactions and illegalities. But we raise no protests as if they have no bearing on our reality. Inhibited by fear, trapped by the pressure to consume and hypnotized by the media, it is every man for himself. This indifference over irregularities in public life, this social myopia, this fixation on material gain has become something of a national trait. And the worst thing is that such indifference is extremely dangerous; indeed, only public indignation and social unrest could reign in a corrupt and irresponsible regime.

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