March 1, 1956

BANS ON CARNIVAL CELEBRATIONS: Athens Police Headquarters has announced that during the Carnival celebrations there will be a blanket ban on immoral and indecent spectacles or any displays or performances that offend public morals, as well as the parading of apes, bears and other wild animals. Masked and disguised individuals circulating at night are not allowed to carry sticks or other hard objects. The wearing of masks is also banned in the streets. Finally, no one is allowed to wander around in a state of undress or with their faces blacked out. PAPANDREOU: February 28 – The leader of the Liberals, Mr George Papandreou, commenting on recent statements by Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis to the effect that the opposition should keep its head and a sense of responsibility, reiterated that the National Radical Union (ERE) had gained the minority of votes in the recent election, receiving 1,482,688 votes against 1,616,007 votes for the Democratic Union, therefore the head of ERE should not be given a mandate to form a government since that would violate the very essence of democracy, which holds that the majority rules.