An unfair view of Cyprus?

I find it hard to understand why some Greek journalists, like the one who penned the story titled «Cypriot Leader Digs In» (February 20) in Kathimerini’s English Edition, are so hostile to the Cypriot people and their president for saying «no» to a plan that would only create more problems for Cyprus, as your paper has highlighted in its editorials. To set the record straight then, the Greek government had no obligation to make Nicosia change its mind (the author of the top story wrote «Karamanlis’s New Democracy made little effort to persuade Papadopoulos to change his mind»). Secondly, your writer concluded that Papadopoulos will not accept any proposal put to a referendum unless it is «endorsed by himself.» Such a reference seems to me at least malicious. If I am not mistaken, national policy in Cyprus has always been determined by the National Council and not by one person only. That report aside, your newspaper has always been careful in addressing the Cyprus issue. I hope this instance was an exception and your editorial policy has not changed. GEORGE TERZIS, Portsmouth, UK.