March 3, 1956

CYPRUS: Nicosia, 1 – The Cyprus issue is once more in the hands of the Cypriot people. Negotiations with the British have broken down. The tortuous route of concessions appears to have been abandoned. The ethnarch, Archbishop Makarios, has rejected any possibility of offending the people’s sense of national dignity with yet another capitulation. As revealed in a lengthy report in The New York Times by correspondent Homer Bigart, there is no more room for optimism; meanwhile, one of the main areas of disagreement is Britain’s insistence on appointing an unspecified number of Turkish representatives to the Parliament which is currently in the process of being set up, in order to guarantee the rights of the Turkish minority. TERRORISM: Nicosia, 1 – British paratroopers last night staged a raid on Greek districts in Nicosia and searched passers-by and passing vehicles. Last night 19 bombs exploded in the capital within a period of just 25 minutes. Today a bomb was thrown into the yard of a police station in Paphos, damaging property but causing no injuries or deaths.