March 4, 1956

THE LORDS: (Page 1 commentary in Kathimerini): British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, affiliated with the Conservative Party, has finally revealed why the ethnarch of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios, has rejected the pseudo-proposals of British Secretary for the Colonies Alan Lennox-Boyd. «The archbishop’s objections,» it writes, «are rooted in his lack of knowledge. Makarios comes from the provinces, has rarely traveled and is not familiar with the world. His advisers are even less informed.» Certainly Makarios has no lords in his family tree, but the British do not need to be concerned. They can always talk to the (Turkish-Cypriot) mufti, a lord by blood. Makarios is truly an ignorant villager, with only one university degree to his name, while the Lord Mufti has certainly studied in the alleys of London.» TERRORISM: Nicosia, 1 – British paratroopers staged a raid last night on Greek areas of Nicosia and searched passers-by and passing vehicles. Last night 19 bombs exploded in the capital within a period of just 25 minutes. Today a bomb was tossed into the yard of a police station in Paphos, causing property damage but no injuries.