March 8, 1956

GOVERNMENT CENTER: (From «An Athenian’s Notes») – «The prime minister, Mr Constantine Karamanlis, when he was minister for public works, had a very ambitious plan for Athens. He wanted to extend Korai Street to create the center of government for the city and the country – with all ministries and public services. I have heard that plan is once more under discussion. Naturally, it will cost an enormous amount of money to compensate the owners of the buildings that need to be expropriated. However, the basements and ground floors of public buildings to be constructed will bring in a great deal of revenue in rent, enough to cover the interest on a large part of the investment, more of which can be covered by taxation on the land in Korai Street.» ‘EROTOCRITOS’ WITH MULTIMEDIA SCENERY: The Macedonian Art Society is holding an unusual performance tomorrow afternoon at the Kostas Mousouris Theater. Miniatures of the manuscript of «Erotocritos,» written in 1710, are to be displayed, as verses from the test are recited by the actors Anna Synodinou, Thanos Kotsopoulos and Manos Katrakis. Mr Dimitris Horn has undertaken to act as narrator.