March 9, 1956

AWAITING MAKARIOS: The scheduled arrival in Athens this afternoon of the ethnarch of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios, will be a new hallmark in the joint effort of free Greeks and their subjugated brethren to deal with the Cyprus issue. The mayor of Athens, the Panhellenic Committee for Enosis (union of Cyprus with Greece), student and many other organizations have issued declarations calling on their members and the Athenian people to be present at the airport for the reception of Makarios. The government will also participate in the event. (Editor’s note: Makarios was arrested by the British occupation authorities upon arrival at Nicosia airport and was exiled to the Seychelles.) MARKOS VAFEIADIS: Vienna, 8 – According to reports originating on the other side of the Iron Curtain, «General» Markos Vafeiadis, the Communist arch-bandit during the insurgency which ended in 1949, is serving a 25-year sentence in a Soviet forced labor camp. The report came from returning Austrian prisoners of war who said that Vafeiadis was put in isolation and sentenced on charges of anti-Sovietism.