March 11, 1956

MAKARIOS A TERRORIST: The British governor of Cyprus, Field Marshal Sir John Harding, has issued an announcement to the effect that Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus was involved in the terrorist organization EOKA (National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization) as has been revealed by a large volume of evidence. DIPLOMAT SUMMONED: Greece’s ambassador in London, Mr Mostras, has been instructed to return to Athens immediately for briefing. EDITORIAL IN KATHIMERINI: «Makarios and the others arrested, as well as Digenis (General Georgios Grivas, leader of EOKA) and his forces remain at large. They will demand a price for the dishonor and insult.» MARKOS VAFEIADIS: Vienna, 8 – According to reports originating on the other side of the Iron Curtain, «General» Markos Vafeiadis, the Communist arch-bandit during the insurgency which ended in 1949, is serving a 25-year sentence in a Soviet forced labor camp. The report came from returning Austrian prisoners of war who said that Vafeiadis had been put in isolation and sentenced on charges of anti-Soviet behavior.