Too much spin

Political inadequacy and a blind passion for power beget propaganda and fanaticism. The chief aim is to hurt one’s rival in every way and so the truth must be hidden from the public as quickly as possible. And it goes without saying that there is no shortage of volunteers ready to undertake this task. Of course, there is nothing unusual about the fact that any opposition party will attempt to influence as many potential voters as possible in its favor by using various spin tactics. However, there are some methods being used by Greece’s political opposition today which go way beyond the limits of commonly acceptable spin tactics. The use of these methods merely serves to encourage those with «entangled interests» to seek new ways of blatantly deceiving the public as regards the reality of our political and social situation. The aim of this process is to force political developments and changes under the supervision of certain extra-parliamentary circles with the collusion – or at least the tolerance – of politicians from the ranks of the opposition. All this threatens to create severe irregularities in our political life, our judicial sector and society in general. The circles of cynics, whose goals do not include upgrading the country’s public life, are well known to us and do not surprise us anymore. So the time has come for those forces of the opposition who do not have «entangled interests» to take their responsibilities more seriously. Those who fail to do this must be considered accomplices to those who provoke such irregularities.