A folly-royal

The commentary by Costas Iordanidis («A folly-royal,» February 18) is one of the very few times, if not the only time, when I have seen the issue of the property of the former royal family put in perspective. The key issue is not the return or otherwise of the monarchy, the key issue is about acting in a law-abiding way, accepting and upholding the principles of justice and human rights. All people, be they former kings or Cypriot citizens, have an equal right to seek and expect justice. For democracy to function, the rule of law and principles of justice have to be upheld and be seen to be upheld, as both fair and unbiased. As Mr Iordanidis writes, I also cannot understand what the political system has to fear from the former king, or is it perhaps that the former king, when compared to some within the existing political world, could be seen in a more favorable way? Greece is alone in Europe in its position towards the former Royal Family; even Italy has now begun the process that will allow male members to return. The Greek government and State will pay a high price in both financial and public relations terms, when the court awards its decision. The solution is simple, but needs courage and the wisdom to admit a mistake, return the property, allow visits without restrictions, even some residency if sought. Then the government can focus on other more pressing issues, such as the everyday problems we all face living in Athens and Greece.

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