March 21, 1956

USSR AND TURKEY: Paris, 19 – After 35 long years, the Kremlin has remembered and reignited an old friendship. In a telegram from Field Marshal Voroshilov to President of Turkey Jelal Bayar to mark the 35th anniversary of the signing of the Turkish-Soviet treaty of 1921, Voroshilov expressed the Soviet authorities’ warm congratulations and best wishes for the prosperity and progress of the Turkish nation. The treaty in question, signed in March of 1921, sealed the collaboration between Kemal Ataturk and the Soviet Union against Greece. At that time, Moscow provided a guarantee for the rear guard of the then young Turkish Republic, allowing Kemal the freedom to deal with the Greek army. ARCHBISHOP SPYRIDON: As of yesterday morning, Archbishop Spyridon of Athens is no longer among us. The head of the Church of Greece passed away at 5.05 a.m. (…) The deceased was born on the Black Sea coast in 1874 to parents who hailed from the village of Roupsa, in the district of Pogoni, in Epirus. After the liberation of Epirus from the Turkish yoke, he was active in the Northern Epirote movement. After serving as bishop of Konitsa, in 1916 he was elected the bishop of Ioannina and was elected archbishop in 1949.