March 23, 1956

AMERICANS AND CYPRUS: Washington, 15 – The world’s reaction to the incredible act of abducting and exiling the ethnarch of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios, and his associates has kept the interest of the public and the press at a pitch. The text of the proposal for Cyprus, which was submitted to the Senate by the Democratic congressman for New York, Mr Herbert Leman, and signed by 18 of his fellow congressmen, is seen here as a classic test that is typical of the speeches and texts by prominent American patriots of the time of the War of Independence. KARAMANLIS AND USA: 15 – The prime minister, Mr Constantine Karamanlis, yesterday received a delegation of 43 American journalists and made the following statement: «The Greek people expect the United States, which has undertaken the role of world leader, to intervene decisively in the Cyprus issue. (Ed. note: The British had just exiled Archbishop Makarios and his associates to the Seychelles.) TASSOS LEIVADITIS: New book: «The Man with the Drum,» poems by Tassos Leivaditis, Athens, 1956.