March 27, 1956

IN SUPPORT OF CYPRUS: Rome, 26 – The Uniat clergy and the residents of villages in southern Italy and Sicily who are of Greek origin, in a show of solidarity and friendship with Greece and Cyprus, are to pray for the release of Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus (whom the British have exiled to the Seychelles) during Easter services. Moreover, the Holy Synod of the Uniat Church, which is to meet in Rome during Holy Week and then on Easter Sunday, is to launch an appeal for the release of Archbishop Makarios and a settlement of the Cyprus problem. The newspaper Il Giornale d’Italia warmly praised the solidarity shown by Italians of Greek origin and expressed the hope that the day of the Resurrection would mean the end of the trials of the Cypriot people. ZACHARIADIS: Letters sent to the relatives in Greece of bandits and those abducted during the civil war who have been exiled in Tashkent contain references to the struggle between (Communist Party of Greece leader) Nikos Zachariadis and «Ypsilantis» (Alexis Rosios) and state that the latter will prevail. Sources do not rule out the likelihood that the letters were sent with the knowledge of the Russian authorities in order to prepare Greek communists for the rise of Ypsilantis.