March 27-29, 1956

EXILE ILLEGAL: Thessaloniki, 30 – The board of the Thessaloniki Bar Association has decided to send a written recommendation to the government in whch they will be outlining the unconstitutional nature of the law that permits the exiling of wrongdoers, and demanding that the law be abolished. ZACHARIADIS: Letters sent to the relatives in Greece of bandits and those abducted during the civil war who have been exiled in Tashkent contain references to the struggle between (Communist Party of Greece leader) Nikos Zachariadis and «Ypsilantis» (Alexis Rosios), and state that the latter will prevail. Sources do not rule out the likelihood that the letters were sent with the knowledge of the Russian authorities in order to prepare Greek communists for the rise of Ypsilantis. SOCIAL SCIENCES CENTER: Following an observation by the general assembly of UNESCO that Greece is indifferent to the development of sociological knowledge, the UN has granted the country $5,000 toward the foundation of a Greek center for social sciences, which will undertake to disseminate knowledge and to carry out research into social phenomena in Greece.