March 30, 1956

GIOVANNI RESTUCIA: Italian Professor Giovanni Restucia sent the following letter from Messina in Sicily to the Greek ambassador in Rome: «(…) Having received a classical Greek and Latin education, and as a Garibaldi colonel, a volunteer in the Greek war of 1897, I ask His Excellency to let it be known to the free organizations in Cyprus and to the government of His Majesty the King of the Hellenes (Pavlos) that I am ready to take up a position at Domokos and to organize a group of 15,000 to 50,000 volunteers to fight for the freedom of our beloved brothers in Cyprus. I hope that the great mother Greece will resist the British violence and emerge victorious from its current struggles… Long Live Greece!» USA AND CYPRUS: Paris, 19 – American interest in Cyprus continues unabated (…). According to a Reuters correspondent in Washington, citing a reliable source, the United States is ready to use its influence, via diplomatic channels, to establish the appropriate climate that would lead to a settlement of the Cyprus issue. EXILE ILLEGAL: Thessaloniki, 30 – The Thessaloniki Bar Association has decided to send a written letter to the government outlining the unconstitutional nature of the law that permits the exiling of wrongdoers.