May 4, 1956

WARRANT FOR ARREST OF GRIVAS: Nicosia, 3 – For the first time, the Cypriot government (of the British colonial authorities) has issued an official announcement that it is seeking the arrest of Georgios Theodoros Grivas (known as Digenis, head of the National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization, commonly known as EOKA) and has posted a reward of 100,000 pounds sterling for information leading to his arrest. DEADLY FIREWORKS: At 8.15 a.m. yesterday in the suburb of Dafni, outside the guardhouse in front of the taxation bureau, there was a terrible explosion in a truck bearing the registration plate 1029. The truck was carrying a load of fireworks. Four people were seriously injured and three more sustained minor injuries. There was also serious damage to property. TROUBLE IN CYPRUS: Nicosia, 23 – Blood was shed today in the worst violence that has taken place so far between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots in Nicosia, during celebrations to mark the anniversary of the founding of the Turkish state. Two Turks were killed in the incidents. A curfew was imposed, while a Greek Cypriot’s shop near the Turkish district was set ablaze and burned throughout the night.