May 5, 1956

FIELD MARSHAL TITO: Paris, 4 – On the occasion of the visit to France by the leader of Yugoslavia Field Marshal Tito (who arrives on May 7), the newspaper Le Monde has published an important interview Tito gave to the newspaper’s editor in Belgrade. Regarding rumors of the foundation of a Balkan Federation, about his country’s relations with Greece, and general Yugoslav policy regarding the crisis within the Balkan treaty countries (Greece, Yugoslavia and Turkey) because of the tension between Greece and Turkey, Josip Broz Tito responded: «The foundation of a Balkan Federation is not in question at the moment, for such a policy would not only not be realistic or beneficial but would possibly complicate the situation even more. Therefore, it is not being considered at all. As for the tripartite Balkan treaty, we still believe that we should develop relations and cooperation with Greece and Turkey despite the differences existing between them… Our relations with Greece in particular are very good and are continuing to develop. We hope that our relations with Turkey will develop in the same way.»