May 9, 1956

CATHOLICS’ MESSAGE TO MAKARIOS: The Association of Greek Catholics of Athens has sent the following message to the Ethnarch of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios, whom the British have exiled to the Seychelles: «During these holy days (of Easter) of sacrifice and the salvation of the Resurrection, Greek Catholics are at the side of Your Grace in thought and in their prayers, in solidarity and unshakeable faith that the sacred and human right of freedom will prevail.» CHANGEOVER TO METRIC SYSTEM: The Trade Ministry is preparing a bill providing for the introduction all over the country on January 10, 1957, of the metric system of measurement, which will replace the old system of measurement with the «pichi» (64 cms). Later on, at a time to be decided by decree, the oka (1.2 kilos) measurement for weight, will be replaced with the kilogram, and in the Ionian Islands, the pound for solids and pint for liquids will also be replaced with kilos and liters. EASTER CUP: Panathinaikos soccer squad beat arch-rivals Olympiakos 2-1. The goals were scored by Foteinos and Georgoulis for the Athens team and Polychroniou for Olympiakos.