May 10, 1956

EXECUTION OF KARAOLI AND DIMITRIOU: Nicosia, 10 – It has been officially announced that the young Cypriot patriots Michail Karaolis and Andreas Dimitriou were executed this morning by hanging in the prison of Nicosia. There were reports that the preparations for the execution were made by soldiers guarding the prison. Shortly before the hanging, as the two were being led to the gallows, they shouted slogans in favor of Cyprus’s union with Greece. The prisoners kept calm until the end. Last night a large force of British soldiers surrounded the prison. Calm prevailed in the city. THREE DEAD: Last night’s rally in Athens calling for a pardon for the young Cypriot patriots ended in deadly battles between demonstrators and police. Three young rioters civilians were killed, 63 police officers injured, five of them seriously, one by a bullet. Another 130 civilians were injured, four by gunfire. Two of the dead were Evangelos Gerontis, 28, and Frangiskos Nikolaou, a 30-year-old from Piraeus. Both were killed on Stadiou during the demonstration. Ioannis Konstantopuolos, 28, of Gortynia, was killed at about 6 p.m. at the intersection of Didotou and Ippocratous.