May 13, 1956

KONRAD ADENAUER: One of Kathimerini’s political correspondents, Mr Ilias P. Dimitrakopoulos, submitted a series of questions to the West German Chancellor Mr Konrad Adenauer on the occasion of the official visit to Athens tomorrow of the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Professor Theodor Heuss. Mr Adenauer responded as follows: «Germany and Greece can look forward to traditional bonds of friendly cultural and economic relations that go back 130 years, friendly relations that were interrupted by two unfortunate wars. After the Second World War, however, a new impetus was set in motion, giving rise to hope for close political, economic and cultural cooperation. Moreover, Greece and Germany are members of a number of organizations aimed at protecting cultural and political freedoms… German-Greek trade has been developing satisfactorily in recent years. In November 1953, my government agreed that German industry would participate in Greece’s reconstruction with the supply of goods of the order of up to 200 million marks,» said the West German Chancellor.