May 15, 1956

GEORGIOS KARTALIS: At 11 a.m. yesterday the leader of the Working People’s Democratic Party (DKEL), Mr Georgios Kartalis, was received by King Paul and referred to the need to change the government of Mr Constantine Karamanlis because it was opposed to the struggling Cypriot people. That was because of the dispute between the Ethnarchy of Cyprus and the Greek government and because a foreign correspondent, on his return from Cyprus, said that the Cypriots hated the British as much as the (Greek) government. (…) Mr Kartalis told the King that he blamed the government for the bloody clashes of May 9. (…) Mr Kartalis also told the King that forces above the state were conspiring to bring about irregular solutions which would mean the end of a free regime and the burial of the nation’s hopes. Finally, he said it was the King’s duty to act in order to find a solution which would on the one hand ensure national unity at home, and on the other attempt to show the foreign powers the nation’s determination to bring about the self-determination of the Cypriot people.