May 16, 1956

THEODOR HEUSS: The President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr Theodor Heuss, arrived in Athens yesterday by train. He was welcomed at the station by King Paul, the Prime Minister Mr Constantine Karamanlis, Cabinet members, Archbishop Dorotheos, the German Ambassador and embassy staff and other officials. Army and police troops were deployed along all roads leading from the station to the palace. The route was decorated with German and Greek flags and coats of arms. All along the route the troops presented arms, royal marches were played and the crowds warmly cheered the German president and the King as they waved on their way past. In some cases the crowds shouted anti-British slogans such as «Down with the British.» (Ed. note: A few days earlier the British authorities in Cyprus had executed the Greek-Cypriot patriots Michail Karaolis and Andreas Dimitriou.) GEORGIOS KARTALIS: Yesterday the leader of the Working People’s Democratic Party (DKEL), Mr Georgios Kartalis, was received by King Paul and criticized the government of Mr Constantine Karamanlis, saying it was opposed to the struggling Cypriot people.