May 18, 1956

DIZZY GILLESPIE: (From a music review by Minos Dounias of a show by the American jazzman in Athens): «I was taken completely by surprise by the first clash of percussion and brass from Dizzy Gillespie’s band. Suddenly, waves of pulsating air hit me in the face and pushed me back against my chair, piercing my ears mercilessly. With a reflex action, I blocked the entrance to my own ear drums with my hands, but I felt the rush of crazy sounds striking my face like a whirlwind. This first close encounter with the music of the admittedly truly «Dizzy» Gillespie lasted two hours and 40 minutes. I learned a lot (…). I want to assure jazz fans that I am not completely ignorant of his music. I have frequently listened to it and experienced its nuances on site in its birthplace of New Orleans. (…). FIRE AT LIGNITE MINES: 17 – The dramatic events in the Anthoupoli district of Peristeri in western Athens are now over, after some 3,000 rioting residents succeeded in destroying the lignite mines. Cracks had appeared in their homes due to the company running tunnels under the foundations of their properties.