May 20, 1956

IN PRAISE OF CONSTANTINE: (Front page commentary by Kathimerini): «The eldest son of the King and Queen of Greece is being brought up, as were his father and grandfather, within a purely Greek environment, as a national leader inspired by democratic ideals, which were born in the country that he will rule in future. A healthy, strapping lad with mental and physical skills, he promises to become a shining example of a head of state. Constantine, the heir to the throne, celebrates his name day tomorrow. The Greek people, who feel genuine affection for the royal couple and their children, will celebrate along with the young Prince who bears that old, timeless name that is dear to all Greeks. DEATH SENTENCE: A military court has sentenced to death Lazaros Spyropoulos and Chryssa Kalimani, both of Athens, on charges of espionage. MITSOTAKIS: In Parliament yesterday, Mr Constantine Mitsotakis replied to a question on the cancellation of the visit by the US Sixth Fleet to Souda Bay.(…) Mitsotakis said the Cretan people were greatly disappointed both with the British and the American government, since it had not stood by the Greek people during a critical period, when tension over the Cyprus issue was at a pitch.