May 22, 1956

MESSAGE FROM EDA: The United Democratic Left (EDA) submitted a memorandum to the palace secretariat yesterday for the king’s attention. (…) EDA’s memorandum, as published yesterday morning in the communist press (Avghi) «reminds the king of his responsibilities.» After reiterating the charges made by the other opposition parties, it spoke of a «national line» on international detente, coexistence, cooperation and progress that it said the government of Constantine Karamanlis was not adhering to. It says the government is working against the Cypriot people and blamed the forces of law and order for the bloody events of May 9, 1956. It also said the government has the support of pro-dictatorship groups, secret services that have «burgeoned inexplicably,» and questioned where we are headed. In conclusion, EDA asks for the immediate removal of the government and the formation of a new government supported in Parliament by the parties, groups and deputies which believe in the need for a common national policy on Cyprus, consisting of the demand for the self-determination of the Cypriot people, while a joint decision as to how this is to be brought about.