What is the government doing about tax evasion?

I have read many of your editorials and articles on tax evasion over the past months. I have a question to ask of you. Does the Ministry of Finance take reported acts of tax evasion seriously? I ask because I have filed a complaint with the Ministry of Finance regarding a corporation that I am a partner of. I filed my complaint 15 months ago and have heard nothing from the ministry. I don’t know what others’ complaints contain, but I have tape-recorded phone conversations with the vice president of the corporation regarding tax evasion. Also, I have documented proof of wire transfers involving tax-evaded money, or «black money,» as it is called here in Greece. The vice president details how much black money they had accumulated in specific years and the bank accounts where the money was being held. After 15 months, I must admit my faith in the Ministry of Finance is fading quickly. Any country that takes tax evasion seriously would have acted by now. Is this typical of the Greek Ministry of Finance? FOTIS D. DORIZAS, via e-mail.