A divided stance on US foreign policy?

Stamos Zoulas’s arguments in the piece «On behalf of the people» (April 26) suffer from an appalling lack of internally cohesive logic. First, we are told that the «overwhelming majority of the Greek people» opposes US foreign policies. Then Mr Zoulas states that since the mainstream parties, who have endorsed these policies, have garnered 90 percent of the votes, we should conclude that 90 percent of the Greek electorate approves the same US foreign policies that he has told us the «overwhelming majority of the Greek people» oppose. Something isn’t quite right. Could it be that people actually vote for a particular party based on a wide range of issues and might thus disapprove of the way a party handles foreign policy while approving the way it conducts its affairs in other areas? STEPHANE CHARITOS, New York. Editor replies: The short answer is ‘yes.’