The impact of diesel-run cars in Greece

You reported on May 19, again, that Greenpeace is calling on the government to leave in place a ban on diesel-powered cars in Athens and Thessaloniki due to «the negative impact that the fuel has on the environment and people’s health…» This information is as manipulative and untrue as it was at the end of 2004 when the same opinion was reported by Greenpeace Greece. They even asked for a study on the effects of diesel fuel use. Do they not follow the development of modern diesel engines? Do they not read that diesel-driven cars are routinely equipped with particle filters which are built in by most car manufacturers? Do they think that the three leading countries in Europe as regards environmental protection (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) are stupider than Greece? Any car dealer would be delighted to provide them with a standard leaflet in which gasoline and diesel engines are compared with respect to pollutants. It clearly shows that, for more than 10 years, diesel engines have been substantially more environmentally friendly and consume a third less fuel. The truth is that lifting the ban would deprive Greece of billions of euros in taxes. Greenpeace Greece, please tell the public the truth! GERHARD FISCHER, Athens.