May 23, 1956

ADENAUER ON CYPRUS: London, 23 – According to a report from Bonn, the chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr Konrad Adenauer, speaking to a reporter from Time magazine, said the following on Cyprus: «It is not fair that an issue as important as Cyprus has not been debated by NATO. If it had been calmly debated by the alliance three years ago, I imagine that the current conflict could have been averted.» RACIAL BALANCE: London, 23 – A report from Sydney said that the Australian authorities have announced that for the moment no more immigrants are be accepted from Southern Europe except those who have relatives already in Australia. The move has been taken due to the huge increase in the number of applicants from Europe, particularly from Greece and Italy, which threatens to upset the ethnic balance within the population. STATE INTERVENTIONISM: The minister for trade and industry, Mr Panagis Papaligouras, has announced that a decision has been made to allow the state to intervene regarding the sale of tobacco from Pieria.