May 25, 1956

TURKISH CROWD: Nicosia, 24 – Turks attacked the Greeks of Cyprus today as the British closed 34 Greek stores and removed Greek families from their homes. The Turkish minority, probably incited by the British rulers, once more took the opportunity to show their hatred for the enslaved Greek population in Cypriot towns. The reason for the new uprising by Turks against Greeks was the execution of a Turkish cadet policeman in the village of Polis (…) by two masked men yesterday (Ed. note: The National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization, or EOKA, had already executed about 10 Greek-Cypriot policemen). In Nicosia, Paphos and Larnaca, there were wild scenes. (…) Turkish residents of Nicosia, armed with sticks and stones and shouting «We will revenge Turkish blood!» gathered in the center of the town. Meanwhile, Turkish police officers in two jeeps opened fire on a group of Greeks and injured a young Cypriot. A Greek car was set alight in the Turkish district. British soldiers set up a road block in Ataturk Square, which divides the Greek from the Turkish areas. The British soldiers used tear gas to break up the crowd of Turks.