Letter to the Editor

The commentary by Costas Iordanidis titled «Turkish crisis» (May 23) was a marvellous piece of clear thinking. I should like though to make a few remarks. 1) Iordanidis writes: «The conviction that has been reiterated by successive Greek governments – namely that Turkey’s EU membership would benefit bilateral relations – is being repeatedly refuted in reality.» For those who are exposed to the European realities and attitudes, «Turkey’s EU membership» is an impossibility. This will become more and more apparent the next few years. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is aware of this, French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy is getting there, as are the Austrian and the French peoples and more to come. The more we discuss Turkey the more it becomes obvious that Turkey and the EU have nothing to do with each other. I would agree with the above statement by Iordanidis if it were modified to Turkey’s EU candidacy for membership. 2) Iordanidis concludes his article by stating: «It is time for the government to embark on a serious dialogue with certain European countries and particularly with German Chancellor Angela Merkel with a view to hammering out a special relationship between Turkey and the EU and thereby ease the pressure on the government and regime of a country which is sliding into a worsening crisis and eliminate the risks of this instability for neighboring Greece.» I would be happy if Iordanidis were the leader of the foreign affairs office in Greece instead of the Karamanlis-Bakoyannis team. After the incident involving the collision of the two F-16s (on the same day as the piece was published) Iordanidis’s advice is hotter than at any time before. It is time that Kathimerini openly criticized the foreign policy of the Karamanlis government. It is time that the word «kakistocracy» was used in reference to the chronic state of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is time that a serious newspaper supporting the conservative government – openly, sincerely and with clear formulations – promoted the idea that the future of Greece lies in a united Europe with a common defense and foreign policy (most likely without the UK and Poland and certainly without Turkey) and in very good relations with the natural (and even historical) protector of Europe, Russia. Any other foreign policy of Greece is going to fail and will cost our nation dearly. I must add that a real toughening of the attitude toward Turkey will not only find the Greek people in agreement but it is the only way to have New Democracy re-elected. For Kathimerini’s part, publishing articles on certain controversial subjects would be a good way of exerting pressure and ultimately helping the government on its way. Possible subjects could include: recalling the National Bank – Finansbank affair; NATO as a tool in the hands of USA; demanding that Turkey sign and ratify all international treaties that all EU countries have signed as part of their EU candidacy; Turkey immediately revoking its «casus belli» stance in the Aegean as part of the good-neighbor agreement; recognizing the Pontic genocide along with the Armenian and other genocides committed by the Turks, etc. And such articles should not only appear in the English edition of your newspaper. DEMETRIOS BETSIS, Sweden.