May 26, 1956

C. TSALDARIS AGAINST G.A. VLACHOS: (From a speech in Parliament during a debate on a proposed vote of confidence in the government): «…It serves no purpose for certain newspapers to come out again at the last minute claiming what they did during the Asia Minor catastrophe in August 1922 with their articles that harmed ‘sacred national interests.’» RESPONSE OF KATHIMERINI: «Mr Constantine Tsaldaris, probably in order to wreak vengeance on a sector of the population for not voting for him, and, at one time, himself a representative of the extreme right, yesterday appeared in Parliament under a red mantle, supporting views that have been arriving from the East in the form of exhortations to adapt world politics to the needs of coexistence. (…) Elected the head of a party whose founder – Dimitris Gounaris – was one of the most modest politicians in Greece and who was also a national martyr, he has not honored that memory. And just the other day, he had insulted the memory of the martyrs and despoiled their graves.»