May 29, 1956

TAKIS SINOPOULOS: New books: «Meeting Max» by Takis Sinopoulos, published by the Friends of Literature, Athens, 1956. STRUGGLE AGAINST OUTLAWS: New books: «The Anti-Outlaw Struggle: 1945-1949» by D. Zafeiropoulos (Lieutenant General, retired). The author describes the diplomatic, political and military events during a stormy time for the country between the signing of the Varkiza pact (February 12, 1945) and the collapse of the outlaw movement (August 29, 1949). He enlightens the reader on the reasons behind the length of the struggle, and helps remove distortions of the historical truth. Athens, 1956. (Ed. note: This book by D. Zafeiropoulos is seen by modern historians of the left as the most authoritative one from the opposing view.) KOULA PRATSIKA: Regarding the choreography work for «Fates of Mycenae» by Harold Kreuzberg to be included in the Athens Festival program this summer, it has been announced that rehearsals are progressing well at the Koula Pratsika School. The dancers are rehearsing under Pratsika herself with valuable input from Zouzou Gazi (Nikoloudi).