May 31, 1956

DISTURBANCES IN CYPRUS: Nicosia, 29 – The Turks shed Greek blood again yesterday and set a Greek factory on fire. The hatred that had divided the two nations for five centuries seems to have been revived on this largest of Greek-populated islands, artificially kindled by the British. But the drama of Cyprus throws light on the erratic communist tactics. Indeed, the Cypriot followers of the communist-dominated AKEL party find themselves at odds with the authentic national struggle being conducted by Digenis (Georgios Grivas) and EOKA. Today AKEL dropped its mask and capitulated, condemning Grivas and the violence. BOMB ATTACK: Nicosia, 30 – The honor of today’s attack belongs to the Famagusta branch of EOKA. British military personnel were returning by vehicle to the barracks at Golden Sands after the official rehearsal of the parade which will take place tomorrow on the occasion of Queen Elisabeth II’s birthday. The bomb, which was hurled from behind the hedge of an orange grove, hit the back of the open vehicle which was full of personnel. Two were killed on the spot and 22 were injured.