July 1, 1956

ACCLAIM FOR ANNA SYNODINOU: (From a review by Cleon Paraschos of a performance of Sophocles’s «Antigone» at Epidaurus): (…) The revelation in this performance was the very promising Miss Anna Synodinou playing the title role. It was the first time she had tested her mettle in a role of such power. Her achievement must be considered something more than excellent, rather as a truly remarkable success that puts this very good young actress, at least in certain roles, in the major league of our tragediennes. Her pure, melodic voice did not depart for an instant from the appropriate tone, while her movements were always in harmony with her emotions, the grace and nobility of this courageous royal virgin, as well as her womanly, human nature was displayed with such truth,and such passion toward the expression of the drama, and in which she did not falter for even a second. Miss Synodinou gave us a living Antigone. She managed to maintain the right tone during her laments over so untimely and tragic a death, something that could have descended into melodrama, but was done without sacrificing the depth of her pain.