July 3, 1956

KARAMANLIS’S MESSAGE TO THE US: On the occasion of today’s 180th anniversary of the independence of the United States of America, Prime Minister Mr Constantine Karamanlis has issued the following message to the American people. The message is to be broadcast on the American 600 radio station and will be published in the press in the USA. It is as follows: «(…) No other nation will be as moved by this July 4 as the Greeks, for as you celebrate the achievements of your forefathers in the battle for freedom, about half a million Greeks in Cyprus are struggling for the same principles and goals. The Greek people of Cyprus reject and denounce every allegiance to the kings and queens of Great Britain, as did your own ancestors. We sincerely hope that the American people, which in difficult times have provided generous assistance to Greece, will continue to be faithful to high ideals and to show goodwill and understanding in this particular case.» ALEXIS MINOTIS: Tomorrow evening at the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus there will be a performance of Sophocles’ «Oedipus Rex» with Alexis Minotis playing the title role as well as directing.