Time for logic in university debate

This summer will leave major loose ends in the higher education sector. Considering the spate of protests sparked by students and educators in the last few months over the reform law, the renewed pressure in September promises to make the month difficult. Come fall, the country will most likely find itself faced with fresh deadlocks and social upheaval, the outcome of which no one is really in a position to predict. But the biggest problem for the country is the fact that state education, on all levels, is slowly but surely slipping into a swamp of problems. And this serves to undermine our common future on a social and economic level. Education is not just a substructure for growth. It is also a condition for our national survival. The education sector should stop being an arena for clashes between political parties and interest groups. The summer period is a good opportunity for all sides to think long and hard about the direction they are heading in. They should reconsider old antagonisms and prepare to begin a new dialogue with well-thought-out stances in September. They should attempt to find the common ground that allows them to move forward with essential reforms of all the ills afflicting the education sector. September should not be a month of anger but of logic, especially because education is our chief domestic issue. It concerns our children.