July 17, 1956

PANDIT NEHRU: Bonn, July 16 – The prime minister of India, Mr Pandit Nehru, is in West Germany where today he is to be presented with an honorary doctorate from the University of Hamburg. (…) Previously in Bonn, the Indian prime minister made the following reply to questions on the Cyprus issue from a Greek journalist: «Naturally, I am in favor of the principle of the self-determination of peoples. However, supposing a few villages in Germany claimed that right for themselves exclusively. It would be illogical to grant them that right. Things should not be taken to the extremes. Particularly in Cyprus, where the exercise of violence (Editor’s note: He is obviously referring to the EOKA organization.) has only resulted in a worsening of the situation, and an attempt is being made to resolve many of the issues related to the problem. I hope, however, that it will soon be possible for peace and freedom to be restored on the island.» (Editor’s note: Kathimerini had published this story with the subtitle: «The touring agent of the British Empire.»)