July 19, 1956

NEHRU: Bonn, July 16 – The prime minister of India, Mr Pandit Nehru, made the following response to questions on the Cyprus issue from a Greek journalist during a visit here: «Naturally, I am in favor of the principle of the self-determination of peoples. However, supposing a few villages in Germany claimed that right for themselves. It would be illogical to grant them that right. Things should not be taken to their extremes. Particularly in Cyprus, where the exercise of violence (Editor’s note: He is obviously referring to the EOKA organization.) has only resulted in a worsening of the situation.» KARAMANLIS IN THERA: According to telegrams from Thera (Santorini), the prime minister, Mr Constantine Karamanlis, Cabinet ministers and other officials have arrived there and have begun visiting villages in the quake-stricken region. They first visited the village of Emboreion, where the prime minister told residents that he would help them «regain their happiness» by giving money, materials, plans, engineers, the army, and whatever else they needed. «But you must assist in the reconstruction effort. You must not sit with your arms folded expecting the state to do everything,» Karamanlis said.