July 20, 1956

SELWYN LLOYD: London, 19 – The House of Commons has approved by 319 votes to 246, a majority of 73 votes, the British government’s policy of violence and terrorism in Cyprus. The House rejected a vote of confidence proposed by the Labor Party, which also asked to reduce the salary of the colonial secretary by 50 pounds. Previously, Foreign Secretary Selwyn Lloyd said Great Britain would not want Cyprus to be in Greek hands even if Britain were given bases on the island. Following this cynical statement by the foreign secretary, any further statements on his part regarding the Cyprus issue would be moot. He appeared to be particularly opposed to the principle of self-determination. He recalled that (Greece’s former prime minister) Eleftherios Venizelos had not accepted self-determination for Western Thrace after the end of the First World War, and then attacked Greece, Athens Radio and the Orthodox clergy. He referred to the murders of British dynasts in Cyprus, but said nothing of the hangings of Greek Cypriots and the terrorism the British had visited on the island.