July 21, 1956

KARAMANLIS: The Greek government’s response to the inaccuracies, slander and indirect threats launched by the British government (of Anthony Eden) against Greece, in the form of a speech in the House of Commons by British Foreign Secretary Mr Selwyn Lloyd, was proud and decisive. Yesterday Greek Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis rejected Britain’s attack in the form of insults and threats against the Greek nation, declaring the Greek government’s support for the Cypriots’ sacred right to self-determination. At the same time, Premier Karamanlis said that it was unacceptable to claim that self-determination was impossible at this time, mainly because of the Turks’ opposition to it. After recalling Turkey’s treachery against its allies in both World Wars, he emphasized that Greece has always honored its signature and rejected the (Turkish) «threats» regarding a revision of the Treaty of Lausanne, or to use arms, threats which he said were ridiculous. The prime minister, reiterating the government’s firm decision to ask the United Nations for justice for Cyprus, emphasized that «no opposition or instructions, from whatever source, could prevent the Cypriots from making their request before free peoples.»