July 24, 1956

FLEMING-MAUROIS: London, 23 – Lady Amalia Fleming, the Greek widow of the great scientist Alexander Fleming who discovered penicillin, has revealed that the distinguished French writer Andre Maurois has agreed to write the official biography of her late husband. Mr Maurois has already begun studying Fleming’s archives. He will begin work in earnest next October when he visits the British capital. Lady Fleming, who worked closely with her husband for many years, explained the reasons for choosing the French writer. «I believe that Mr Maurois is the greatest biographer of our time,» she said. Mr Maurois is 71 years old. Fleming died last year at the age of 73. «I don’t think the two men had ever met,» added Lady Fleming, nee Koutsouri, who is busy collecting and classifying her late husband’s archives. (Ed. note: The biography was published in 1959.) CYPRUS: Nicosia, 21 – The National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization (EOKA) has distributed proclamations informing Cypriots that the organization is not accepting money from anyone, even if it is voluntarily offered. THEODOROS ARONIS: One of the leading actors of the National Theater, Theodoros Aronis, died last night after a long and painful illness.