July 22-25, 1956

CYPRUS: The Greek prime minister, Mr Constantine Karamanlis, has rejected Britain’s attack against the Greek nation by British Foreign Secretary Selwyn Lloyd and has declared the Greek government’s support for the Cypriots’ sacred right to self-determination. GREECE-HUNGARY: Budapest, 21 – It has been announced that following recent negotiations held in Belgrade between the ambassadors of Greece and Hungary to Yugoslavia, agreement was reached to restore bilateral diplomatic relations. This information, according to the announcement, was favorably received by the Hungarian people, who, although in the opposite camp to the Greeks, nevertheless honored the small Greek nation that put up such a brave fight fight against the troops of Mussolini and Hitler. FLEMING-MAUROIS: London, 23 – Lady Amalia Fleming, the Greek widow of the great scientist Alexander Fleming who discovered penicillin, has revealed that the distinguished French writer Andre Maurois has agreed to write the official biography of her late husband.