Hania horse drowning fault of sloppy policing?

As a witness to the sad drowning of the horse in Crete’s old harbor of Hania, I found your reportage (July 24) somewhat bland. The «loud noise» was caused by one of the several motorcycles that career willy-nilly, day and night, along the harbor front. On this occasion, they frightened a horse but on a daily basis they cause tourists (and locals) to be forced to avoid their racing activities. The incident in question occurred not far from the coast guard headquarters in Hania and there is no doubt «they» who commented on a «noise» caused the mishap. The coast guard of Hania has shown continued indifference to the presence of tourists who essentially want a quiet time in Hania, a comfortable walk and safety. There is nothing that can condone the presence of motorcycles in pedestrian areas and an article by your august newspaper concerning the sloppy police and coast guard of Hania may well be appropriate. NICHOLAS STAVROULAKIS, Hania, Crete.