Israel should review its ties with Turkey

Since the start of the Israeli-Lebanese conflict, Turkish PM Erdogan has been on the frontline in attacking Israel. The hypocrisy here is that Turkey in the 1990s bulldozed hundreds of Kurdish villages in southeastern Turkey in its drive to wipe out the PKK, leaving thousands homeless and in which military forces killed 30,000 people, mostly Kurds. The so-called 1996 «strategic alliance» with Israel is not bearing any fruit for either side. Most Turks on the ground, including many politicians, support the Palestinians. The time has come for Israel to review its future alliance with Turkey by supporting the establishment of a Kurdish state in northern Iraq. The Kurds are closer to Iran and Syria and have oil. Israel and the powerful Jewish lobby in America should also recognize the Armenian genocide for Turkey’s aggressive stance not only toward Israel but also toward the US in not allowing 62,000 US troops to use Turkish soil in opening up a second front in Iraq. Turkey’s geographic position may not be that strategic anymore with the emergence of a future Kurdish state. GEORGE SALAMOURAS, Melbourne.