July 28, 1956

NASSER: London, 28 – According to urgent telegrams from Cairo, the president of Egypt, Mr Gamal Abdel Nasser, in a speech he gave to the crowds that welcomed him after his return from Alexandria, where the previous day he had announced the nationalization of the Suez Canal, said that he would meet force with force. «Today the Egyptian people are armed and mobilized, ready to fight imperialism,» he said. Meanwhile, clouds of war are gathering over the banks of the Nile, but the Egyptians have lost none of their enthusiasm for a «show of force» on national territory, something which the West sees as a «coup d’etat.» Nasser’s return from Alexandria was compared to that of a victorious pharaoh after defeating the enemy. No one knows, nor can anyone foresee, where all this will lead. However, more radical developments are emerging on the diplomatic horizon. On the other hand, the American government does not appear willing to provide Great Britain and France with its undivided support. ARONIS: 23 – One of the leading actors of the National Theater, Theodoros Aronis, died last night after a long and painful illness.