Push for reforms

One can only welcome the determination of the conservative government to promote its education reform package at any cost. After all, that is precisely the reason why the majority of Greek voters brought the conservatives to power more than two years ago. Greeks want to see unresolved problems in education fixed. There are already rumblings that the new academic year will bring renewed tension and fighting in Greece’s schools and universities. There will be sit-in demonstrations and protests to silence the much-needed dialogue in education and the Socialists will only join in this chorus, and so the New Democracy administration must ask for a renewed mandate. After all, education is about the future of the country. The problems dogging Greece’s education system call for maximum responsibility on behalf of the government. It’s a national issue that is so important that it can even justify a decision to call for early elections. The government will have to turn to the only source of legitimacy, the Greek people, who will confirm their will for change. However, before calling for premature elections, in any case a measure of last resort, the government must outline not only the size of the problem but also a comprehensive reform plan. The administration must offer legislation designed to upgrade Greece’s education system and bring it to the same level as the education systems of other, more advanced Western countries. In other words, the government should make no discount on the quality of education. The proposed reforms must be radical enough to vindicate a call for premature elections.

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