Minimalism, terror and hand luggage

The future is beginning to look like a bad remake of the crime spoof «Police Academy»: Adults tasting baby formula and people removing their shoes at the request of airport security… One wonders how security personnel are still allowing passengers to wear their clothes and underwear, since these too are made of the flammable material cotton. The Western world’s denial in accepting the consequences of an ongoing global war, the denial especially of Britain and the United States… and our absolute faith in prosperity, easy traveling and summer holidays have left us unprepared to face loss. War, we believe, is something that happens elsewhere, to others, while we take our holidays and mourn the innocent victims. The decision by Britain and the US to contain the war on their own soil, in their air space, has resulted in absolute insanity, which will, of course, increase in September… The West will not consider relaxing security measures. It prefers to adopt these childish measures, which, essentially, are a response to the last terrorist threat rather than the next one. The terrorist strikes of the future will be adapted to the new measures and will, yet again, be unexpected. The belief that the Western world can secure itself by carrying its personal items in a plastic bag will simply create a trend for transparent hand luggage. In a few months, if the measures continue, fashion houses will be launching monogrammed transparent bags so that women do not have to suffer the loss of their accessories. But this too is a form of revenge, isn’t it? Travelers who cannot live without their personal belongings will have to stuff their i-Pods, computers and expensive sunglasses into their luggage. Minimalism will become the new fashion statement, the collateral damage of unrestrained terror.

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